BENtime Stories and ABBYsolutely MAGGIEnificent Tales

There was a slight “implosion of my cool”


“You’re an antagonizer! And you, you’re temperamental, and you’re just acting like the baby.” And, the Oscar for Worst Mother goes to…

Yep, that was me starring in my one of my finest roles in motherhood. This not-so-great-moment was brought to you by the hustle and bustle of parent/teacher conference week; a week devoted to the extension of the teacher’s week by eight hours. Let’s stand united and blame the calendar committee! Truly, I was relaxed until the implosion of my cool happened. Gosh, I really wish there was a tracker for that.

I’ll admit while my expectations seemed reasonable, my reaction may have been a teeny bit unreasonable. The expectation was for my trio to stay home by themselves for 45 minutes, unsupervised and take dinner out of the oven. By the way, I could just feel the pity points earned by my readers because I made dinner prior to my outburst! I appreciate it.

I hadn’t even left the house to return to school before the fight ensued. Six minutes. While I was putting dinner in the oven, they trampled inside with their version of the escapade. I do so enjoy the sorting out part where each sibling listens to each other victimize his/her version. It does give me great pleasure to see which two form an alliance while leaving the third hanging.

After the name calling and the lesson on how to properly handle the hot oven, they were back outside playing basketball together. I drove away watching my littles reunite and reform for the sake of their mother’s sanity.