Mama Down!

On the first day of March, my cold came in like a lamb with a scratchy, sore throat (but Abby did the laundry.).

On the second day of March, my cold was a reality because my nose started dripping like freshly tapped maple trees (but Maggie took my temperature…about 800 times).

On the third day of March, my cold was in full force and it put me to bed before 8:00 with no remorse (but Ben did his homework without reminders).

On the fourth day of March, my cold continued to linger with sneezes so full blown I almost offered the middle finger (and my husband leaned away from me!).

Published by jwoodlaird

As a child, I lived next door to the library, my mom owned a bookstore during my middle school years, and I've spent the last 22 years teaching reading and writing. Loving books was no accident!

15 thoughts on “Mama Down!

  1. Cause: Jen gets sick. Effect: Loving family pitches in and the household doesn’t miss a beat! You clearly illustrate the progression of the cold and how it effects those around you. Fun slice! (And I hope it leaves quickly!)

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  2. I love how each vignette features someone different. They all had their way of taking care of you…. and their reactions give us such insight into who they are.


  3. I’m so sorry, sorry for you and your cold but also for laughing out loud at your post! Such a clever way to share the awful news that is a cold! Hope you feel better soon. I can only imagine how funny your posts can be when you are feeling 100%!


    1. It gives me great pleasure knowing you laughed! I needed to make fun of this situation because my entire household has been completely healthy. I’ve seen the boogers in first grade lately. I should have known I was going down!


  4. You grabbed me with the title and kept me with the structure of it. The simplicity and repetition tell a powerful story – with a laugh at the end. What could be better than that! So glad you are sticking it with and finding a way to laugh — well done and feel better.

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