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Time For the “Seasonal Size Up”


There are so many wonderful reasons to live in a climate where four very different seasons are presented to you like a highly anticipated gift. Spring is in the air, but this time of year seems to bring more disappointment than any other season. For the most part, this week has been calm, sunny, and mildly warm in Northwestern Wisconsin until yesterday at noon. The winds, snow, and cooler temps made a unexpected appearance in a righteous, condescending sort of way. Very smug-like. Today, we all look forward to 50 degrees and sunshine tomorrow.

In preparation for warmer temps and next week’s family vacation, last night’s activity revolved around the “seasonal size up,” where each child tries on clothes and nothing ends up fitting! My patience becomes lost as I recognize the physical changes my three babies made since the last “seasonal size up.”

This is the part of motherhood I wasn’t prepared for and still do not welcome. I think I despise this chore so much partly because it overwhelms me due to how dreadfully time consuming and costly this chore can be, but mostly because my heart cannot stand to see another phase go out of style. The idea of them growing like weeds is suffocating. I remember being totally blindsided when my oldest was 3 months old. I was a mess in all capacities (emotionally, physically, and mentally). My stomach was spilling over the sides of my pants, and Ben’s baby clothes were spilled all over our loft in three piles: too big, too small, and wrong season.

Last night, my seven year old, my forever baby, said goodbye to everything she wore last summer; absolutely nothing fits her. The amount of growth is astounding: she has jumped two clothing sizes, lost her front tooth, and learned to swear (see Damn Door post from March 1).

Goodbye to the unicorn swimsuit (size 6-6x) she received for her sixth birthday which was in her unicorn suitcase next to her unicorn robe. And, goodbye, mermaid swimsuit she wore for two days straight during a cold January snap when she didn’t leave the mini tent pitched in the living room. For me, these articles of clothing describe a small phase of our life I just can’t seem to let go.

The only saving grace…off they will go to the mother with two, young daughters who will no doubt make special moments while her girls splash around wearing unicorns and mermaids.