BENtime Stories and ABBYsolutely MAGGIEnificent Tales

An Unforeseeable Victory


I didn’t plan for it to happen. It was an impromptu moment. Perhaps it was kismet. Last night, I suggested something to my preteen son and little did I know the 20 minutes to follow boosted my mothering career and probably had the power to eradicate at least twenty of my bad mothering moments.

Being my son was born in April, I always seem to walk through March and travel back in time to the few weeks prior to his birth. The anticipation. The swollen feet. The naivete. No mother can predict how fast this adventure will go, and lately, I am doing anything I can to hold onto this kid. He’s a 7th grader which instantly makes him awkward and less interested in his mom. He’s busy with school, sports, and friends along changing interests. He loves playing video games, so usually when he asks to play and spend more time away from me, it triggers deranged reactions.

Tonight, I randomly suggested he teach me how to play NBA2K20, the basketball simulation video game, and one of a few games he enjoys playing. I couldn’t believe the look of pure wonder he shot in my direction. Next thing I knew, he was making brackets on Post-it notes for a mini tournament to be held in the basement.

Now, the only time I embraced video games was during the late 80s, ironically my 7th grade year, during the first Super Mario craze. The next gaming I did was during the early, kid-less part of our marriage when Ben’s dad repeatedly beat me in MLB At Bat.

So…here goes…I don’t even know what these buttons do…

Round One: Ben versus Mom. An exciting game with some interesting banter, lots of cheering, and a loss for me by two stinking points.

Round Two: Abby versus Dad/Maggie. Halfway through, my eyes peered over at Mike saying, “How about ya stop dunking on your 10 year old daughter and give her a chance?”

Consolation Bracket: Abby versus Mom. ABBY WINS!

Championship Bracket: Ben versus Mike. BEN WINS!

These twenty minutes were unplanned and incalculable! My three kids were on the edge of their seats smiling from ear to ear watching their parents partake in their fun. They say not everyone should get a ribbon, but I’m taking my fourth place ribbon and wearing it with pride. Here’s to an unforeseeable victory for me!