I’m Gonna Homeschool the Heck Outta You!

With the announcement of our state closing school for a month, my kids cheered and smiled but with some panic. I had my usual angst (and this time with much more heightened apprehension) knowing a snow day with small children is only euphoric for the first few hours. With a one month lapse in school,Continue reading “I’m Gonna Homeschool the Heck Outta You!”

A Mother’s Love May Help

Parenthood is an ever changing obstacle course of firsts for them and firsts for me. It appears my children always look to me as if I will have all the answers; this is both frightening and empowering depending on the situation. In past years, I’ve mastered healing scraped knees, midnight feedings, and sending my lovesContinue reading “A Mother’s Love May Help”

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