We’re on the no plan plan…

A full Saturday with nothing on the calendar can be compared to the elation a teacher feels when the phone rings to signify the cancellation of school! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I can instantly let go of obligations and stress and find myself able to engage in the best conversationsContinue reading “We’re on the no plan plan…”

Time For the “Seasonal Size Up”

There are so many wonderful reasons to live in a climate where four very different seasons are presented to you like a highly anticipated gift. Spring is in the air, but this time of year seems to bring more disappointment than any other season. For the most part, this week has been calm, sunny, andContinue reading “Time For the “Seasonal Size Up””

There was a slight “implosion of my cool”

“You’re an antagonizer! And you, you’re temperamental, and you’re just acting like the baby.” And, the Oscar for Worst Mother goes to… Yep, that was me starring in my one of my finest roles in motherhood. This not-so-great-moment was brought to you by the hustle and bustle of parent/teacher conference week; a week devoted toContinue reading “There was a slight “implosion of my cool””

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